State of the nation

Dear readers, i know i haven’t done much on the site, but to be fair, there hasn’t been that much news. A few emulators (Richard Bannister’s e.g.) have been recompiled for universal binaries, but still not all. I had hope the intel processors would make it easier for people, but the ability to run windows seems to have halted most developments.

Some things

- Wine runs nows lots of dos/windows programs rather fine directly
- Sheepsaver is difficult to set up, but does let you run MacOs9 on your intel mac. See here for help:

- Snes 9x, Genesis plus are now universal

You can also find emu news here

Advance wars

Grim... has made a new advance wars like game, look here Space Cows

Earlier we had already an online version of the real game here..

Advance wars by web


Tetris with friends

It's Tetris, with friends on, amazing versions on the classic gameboy game, with even a blackandwhite version

Flight control

flight control.jpg

Just look how beautifiul that screen looks.
It is from a game,with a 50s look
It is not retro but looks and feels that way
Stewarddesses aboard planes you have to land.
Many airplanes.
And then they crash.
Then it is over.

Maybe it is because i was born so near Schiphol
But It's more addicting than crack, flight control
My profile is here

Interview in Retro Gamer

As promised, but the issue for some reason only reached me this week, the interview about MacRetro in Retro Gamer issue 59. Issue 60 is out now too, with a special about Mario Kart
(click for a readable version)